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Volunteers are a Vital Element of our Ability to Serve our Community

Individual Volunteering
Student Volunteering 

Any student in High School or College requiring community service hours for school, church, or other service organization.

General Volunteering


Any adult (18 years or older) interested in coming in to volunteer and help in the meal center, but not required to record community service hours.

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Any group interested in coming in to volunteer and help in the meal center.

Group Volunteering


The Cor Unum Meal Center relies on volunteer staffing at all of our meal services. As a volunteer, you will not be an "extra helper" rather a vital element in our ability to serve those in need of a helping hand, through fellowship and a warm meal.

Application Process: Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Cor Unum Meal Center. Please complete the application below that best represents your reason for volunteering. The Volunteer Manager/Coordinator will contact you via email within 72 business hours of the application being submitted. Please note: if you are a Court Mandated Applicant, you must submit the Court Mandated Application. If you submit a different application, you will not receive any credit for service hours accrued. Any questions, please contact the office at or (978) 688-8900.

Background Checks: Per our policy, all volunteers 18 years or older are required by the Archdioceses of Boston to complete a Massachusetts CORI. In addition: volunteers not residing in Massachusetts must provide the office via email (, with a certified copy of a completed CORI from the state in which they reside, prior to volunteering at Cor Unum.   

Volunteer Hours:   Meal services are provided 365 days a year as follows: Breakfast ~ 6:00 am to 8:00 am and Dinner ~ 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Volunteers are asked to arrive 30 minutes prior to start of each meal service and to stay and help with clean-up (usually finished within 30 minutes of closing). All volunteers are scheduled in 3 hour increments. Please note: No walk-in volunteers accepted. You must be on the schedule to volunteer or you will not receive credit for service hours.

Age Requirements: Volunteers must be in High School or older to serve during our primary Breakfast/Dinner Services. Students in 8th grade may volunteer (no service hours, experience only) with limited participation under a Family Application only, and must be accompanied/paired with a parent or legal guardian in preparation for independent service when they enter high school. For safety reasons, families with children in 7th grade or younger are not allowed to volunteer at the meal center.

Groups: Group applications must be submitted by an adult group leader/ teacher or supervisor willing to coordinate and oversee group volunteer efforts.
Group volunteers must represent an organized community, church, school, or business group and volunteer participants must be in high school or older to serve at  our primary meal services of Breakfast and Dinner.  Any large groups and/or groups with students in Middle School will be offered the opportunity to come in and help with general housekeeping needs (2 hour service commitment ~ cleaning, moving stock, yard work etc.) during the morning hours when the meal center is closed.

Service Hours:  Only those volunteers in high school or older can accrue service hours by logging in/out at the Kiosk (no service hour credit issued if kiosk is not used or misused) in the Meal Center. Per our policy, all students are required to commit to at least 15 hours of service per school year, a letter verifying service hours (20 hours or more required for service letter) will be issued directly to your school/community service organization upon completion of service hours ~ 1 letter per school year. Requests for service letters must be sent to the office via email and must include the name and email address of school/community service adviser.
Please note: We do not provide written verification for less than 20 hours of service, volunteers can view/ take a snapshot of their service history at the kiosk located in the meal center. Also note, we do not sign off on paperwork or verify service hours via outside vendors. No service hour verification provided for Group/Family volunteering.

Dress code: Casual comfortable clothing, sneakers or flats (no sandals/open toed shoes), and hair shoulder length or longer must be tied back. No yoga pants, mini skirts, micro shorts, tank tops/low cut shirts, or graphic/suggestive slogans on shirts, attire must be respectful (note: orientation is not required at this time).  

Volunteer Records: In an effort to maintain space in our database for new volunteer records, we periodically purge old records as follows: volunteer records with inactivity for 6 months or more will be permanently deleted regardless of service hour history.
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