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Sponsor a Food Drive

Food drives can help provide much food for Cor Unum, and are easy and fun to coordinate. Organized by individuals, families, churches, work places, and communities, food drives promote hunger awareness while helping those in greatest need. To assist in your organizing a food drive, we have created a Food Drive Organization Kit that can be downloaded or by contacting us to have us mail it to you.

Donate Bulk Items

Receiving bulk items contributes to a more efficient and productive food operation. Large quantities of similar, smaller items can also be used and are appreciated. A donation of ten 6oz. cans of tuna can serve as many guests as one 4lb. can, though it is more labor-intensive for the kitchen volunteers to open ten cans, rather than one.

Donate Garden Produce

When you donate garden produce that you can’t use,  you are ending the waste of healthy fresh food – the very food that is so desperately needed to provide nutritious meals to the guests we serve.

Did you know?
Almost 100 billion pounds of edible food are thrown away each year by retailers, restaurants, and farmers. Talk to your local supermarket, food distributor, or wholesaler about donating surplus food to Cor Unum.

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