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The Cor Unum Meal Center relies on the assistance of volunteers to function. As a volunteer, you will not be an "extra helper" but rather a vital element of our ability to serve the many poor in our community.
Learn more about all the volunteering opportunities by clicking on the following titles:

To begin the wonderful process of volunteering download the volunteer application form and submit it by either:

Email: corunummealcenter@comcast.net,
or fax to: (978)978-681-5808,
or mail to:
Cor Unum Meal Center
118 South Broadway
Lawrence, MA 01843

Food Donation Coordinator
Arrange for the timely and professional execution of product donation pick-ups and deliveries. Work with volunteers who assist in donor pick-ups and deliveries. Inspect product donations to assure that safety and sanitation standards are met. Maintain rapport with donors and/or their employees to foster continued support and a professional working relationship. Assist in maintaining an orderly and sanitary storage facility.
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Donation Pick-Up Driver
Drivers will assist the donations coordinator by picking up donations of food, supplies, or equipment. Drivers will be required to have a valid Drivers license. Driver may need to assist with the loading and unloading of possibly heavy items.
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Inventory Assistant
The inventory assistant will be responsible to maintain a log on all food and other inventory in stock on a regular basis. They will work as a team with the stock person in maintaining the stockroom in an organized, neat manner and for making sure that there are appropriate levels of stock.
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Stock Person
The Stock Person is primarily responsible for working with a team in maintaining the stock-room in an organized, neat manner and for making sure that the area is filled in with the appropriate levels of stock. The Stock Person may also assist with receiving merchandise shipments and assisting management with problems that arise with merchandise.
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Kitchen Supervisors
The kitchen supervisor is responsible for assuring the smooth operation of all aspects of the kitchen operation. Works closely with the chef and the menu planner to assure orderly planning, purchasing, budgeting, staff supervision and other responsibilities related to efficient management of a large kitchen. May help with long-range planning of menus. Together with the chef, supervises all kitchen volunteers, oversees preparation of food as well as arrangement of food on individual plates to assure quantity and quality of meals, compliance with health and sanitary regulations for food storage, preparation and serving. Oversees dishwashers and constant on-going kitchen clean-up.
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Menu Meal Coordinator
Follow established guidelines for nutritional balance, diversity of food choice, tastiness of foods, and cost control. Help cooks locate available food, plan food choices and recipes for each meal, acquire and receive ingredients, foods and equipment before the meal, help to correctly time and organize meal preparation. May be asked to plan meals for special diets. Prior experience in planning meals for large groups of people and/or training as a nutritionist or dietician a plus.
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With help of assistant food preparers who work under the cook's direction, the cook prepares foods according to a pre-arranged menu and prescribed recipes. Slices, grinds and cooks food using full range of cooking methods. Tests foods being cooked for quality assurance as outlined by health regulations. Prepares and bakes simple pastries and rolls. The cook may participate in planning meal menus along with the menu coordinator, and kitchen supervisor.
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Food Servers
Under supervision of the chef or the kitchen supervisor, fill individual plates according to chef's instructions. In addition to arranging plates of food taken from hot plates or a steam table, you may be asked to carve meat, ladle soups and sauces, fill beverage containers. Organize the filled plates in a fashion permitting orderly and efficient retrieval of the plates by the correct waiter or waitress. You may also be asked to help set-up and clean-up.
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Cook Assistants/Food Preparers
Assist the cook in preparation of meals. Arrive at a set time several hours prior to meal time. Assist the cook with all duties assigned by the cook, in the exact manner indicated. Duties may include: receiving or retrieving food and food ingredients from the freezer or other storage places; retrieving and organizing cooking utensils and food preparation equipment; cutting, carving, chopping, seasoning, and arranging food for cooking at direction of the cook assisting in constant clean-up and organization of the cooking areas and keeping the kitchen uncluttered and safe.
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Greeters provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for diners at Cor Unum by pleasantly greeting guests at the main entrance and will help to orient diners and other visitors by answering questions and directing diners to the dining room or to waiting areas when there is a wait for seats. This will require a positive and welcoming personality, comfort in dealing with diverse groups of people, good sense of humor and energetic.
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Greet diners as they sit down at available seats at tables. Pick-up prepared meals from kitchen and serve to corresponding guests. Refill drinks as needed. You may need to direct the guests who are finished eating in clearing tables. You may need to assist with resetting tables for new guests. Waiters and waitresses may assist with other volunteers before the meal in setting-up dining room and after the meal in dining room clean-up.
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Clean dishes, utensils, glasses, pots, pans and equipment in kitchen area. Team work with others who will dry or put away dishes and other equipment. Help maintain kitchen and surrounding area. May help with trash.
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Kitchen Clean-Up
During meals, assist food servers, dishwasher and cook in maintaining orderly and organized kitchen. After meals assist dishwasher in sorting and putting away all plates, utensils, pots, pans, silverware, etc. Empty trash. Wash and sanitize outside of all equipment, counters and all food surfaces.
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Dining Room Clean Up
After meals assist food servers in cleaning the dining room so that it will be clean and ready for the next meal served. Activities will include removing items from tables, sanitizing tables and chairs, picking up and emptying trash, sanitizing carts and trays and taking them into the kitchen for storage, and sweeping and mopping dining room floor.
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The doorman/monitor will be the first point of contact for anyone entering the building and the last contact for guests leaving the building. You will assist by monitoring to help maintain a calm and healthy atmosphere by quietly addressing and resolving any individual person's disruptive or unruly behavior. Monitors will work as a team of at least two to assure that any person who persists in disruptive behavior is safely excluded from the dining area. Must be safety conscious for him/herself as well as others entering the building.
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Security Monitors
Before and during meals maintain a calm and healthy family dining atmosphere by quietly addressing and resolving any individual person's disruptive or unruly behavior. Assure that any person who persists in disruptive behavior is safely excluded from the dining area. Evaluate the need for outside assistance and obtain any requisite help from departments of police, fire, or medical personnel. Must be safety conscious for him/herself as well as all others in the room.
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Training Coordinator
The training coordinator will assist with tracking individual volunteer training needs, putting training materials together, maintaining updated training materials, and helping to coordinate training and orientation sessions with the Greater Boston Food Bank and Cor Unum training department.
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Provide clerical and administrative support, including correspondence such as letter writing and faxing. Assist with answering phones and doing follow-up phone correspondence. Proficiency in Microsoft Word and ability to enter data in a database required.
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Grounds Keeper
Work with a team to maintain the grounds. The activities involved may include sweeping sidewalks, picking up trash, trimming bushes, pulling weeds, watering plants, and planting flowers.
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Indoor Maintenance
Work with a team to maintain the interior of the building and all equipment. The activities involved may include changing of light bulbs, cleaning of equipment and building beyond the routine cleaning requirements, assistance with routine maintenance of equipment, and minor repairs.
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Snow Removal
During the winter months with snow and ice we will need a team to assist with the removal of snow and ice from the sidewalks to help maintain a safe environment for all coming to the meal center. Because of our limited budget we are also seeking the assistance of someone that may have a snow plow or other equipment to help maintain the parking lot.
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"Walking into a room filled with people who are grateful for what I am doing and who are thankful for my help almost every week is a blessing. The volunteers and the patrons are truly the nicest, most real people I ever met. I’ve also met many amazing adults and other teenagers over the years who volunteer with me here. Cor Unum is a rewarding and extremely fun experience that I would recommend to everyone."
- Erin McArdle